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The Empowering Women series ended in a halt. We found women who has inspired, motivated and cared for others to grow together. They understand that what they do affects someone to start anew or gives them a chance to move forward. We covered our Empowering Women series interviewing three different occupation; Teacher, Bakery, Healthcare. which gave insights on some parts of their occupation and how they deal with their struggles.

You must be wondering why Zaryluq, a fashion brand, wants to involve in more things other than just, well- talking about clothes. Fashion is our passion. A day in life at Zaryluq’s office includes researching on clothes or fashion items, branding, colours, new collection, past collection and more. We would like to say that we are a motivated bunch of ladies who loves to be inspired. The thing about us is that no other brand is a competition, we see them as inspiration, as a partner, a friend or someone that we want to collaborate with in the future. We want to grow together with any brands that is sincere and as motivated.

Zary, our lady boss thought, if there was one person out there that motivates others and gives encouragement boosts to somebody, they might actually do well mentally, physically, emotionally and financially. And that’s when the search for an inspiring, empowering women came about. What have they done right? What are some extra efforts do they put in that makes people love them? What have they done for others? What can we do to be the same?

You can watch our beautiful, strong and empowering women interview series on our YouTube channel at ZARYLUQOFFICIAL to know more about our Empowering Ladies and their journey.

We have no desire to end this series here as there are more women out there that can inspire and help those who asks for it. We want to be able to deliver to all industries if given the chance to. Do you have anyone in mind that has inspired you and can inspire others?

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