How To Start Decorating Your Home

How To Start Decorating Your Home

As someone who moves a lot, within a few years, I had the opportunity to rebuild or revamp my house too many times. It's the satisfying feeling of seeing your creative process and mood board comes to live that keeps me going. I went through the trial and error period so that you won't have to struggle as I did at the start. Here are some tips and tricks on how to start decorating your home.

Prepare A Blank Slate

The best way to start on a space or a room is to remove any existing furniture or decorative item, imagine a white canvas. I don't mean throw your stuff away but push them to the side, away from where you want to start decorating. This first step helps you visualise your space. That table you left aside might look better positioned somewhere else than your initial thought. You'll be surprised at how one slight change in arrangement could completely transform your space.


Never start your decorating journey with finding a paint colour. This limits so many freedom of decor items and chances of statement pieces. Sometimes the best thing to start with is the rug in your room and work around that texture, colour or design.

Tricks for Choosing a Colour Scheme:

  1. Colour of your Rug
  2. An item that has a pattern
  3. A favourite art piece
  4. Fabric like your curtain drape or pillow

Find An Inspiration The best place to look for home decor inspiration is Pinterest. If you have troubles with finding a colour scheme, there's a high chance you can decide on one after browsing through some Pins. There's no need to rush on choosing a paint colour, you can always finish your decor first and then decide on the best colour. A personal preference of mine is to pick neutral for my walls so that I can go a little bolder on the decor/accessories.


Pay close attention to the paint swatch for two definite reasons. Look at the darkest tone of the paint card, what colour does it look to you? This applies to the Grey colours, if the darkest of the grey looks more pink to you, chances are the undertones of your room will be more pinkish. If the grey has a brown shade, chances are your undertone is brown.

Time To Add Your Furnitures and Decor! I truly believe that you must decorate your home to how you feel comfortable in. The only "rule" you need to be following is decorating your space should depend on the scale of your room. Feel free to divide up the 'sets' furniture, it's fine to place the sofa in the living room and place the arm chair in a separate room.

Layer In Texture and Colour This is the last and biggest step of all. Layering textures and colours to make your snoring space soar to be beautiful. Small items can make a huge impact, this can be either pillows, throws, baskets, flowers, lighting and more! Take it up a notch, fill the empty corner with faux plant or succulents, I'm sure this will immediately make the room looks full and homey. At the end of the day, this is your house! Decorate it the way you want it.

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