About Us

Established in 2017, Zaryluq was brought to life by its founder, who wants modest clothing to be worn confidently and become a phenomenon for everyone.

With that in mind, Zaryluq aims to challenge the present misconceptions of modest wear that should be dull and in muted colours. We offer Zaryluq Extra and Zaryluq Men, which categorise our collections to cater to various preferences.

Zaryluq Extra, with its motto "Beauty in Abundance," celebrates women in all forms and shapes, highlighting that everyone is perfect in their own way. We believe in making that perfection shine even brighter with our must-have modest wear.

On the other hand, Zaryluq Men acknowledges that wearing modestly for men has always been part of the deen and is a rising trend. Modesty in men is about how they carry themselves and project their thoughts and actions, which exudes self-respect and good manners. With our modest men's clothing collection, we emphasise dressing well, keeping it simple yet significant, so that one can wear it smartly and confidently.